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Principal's Reports

Monthly Reports from 
Susan Nisan


Accountability Plans,

Performance & Reports 


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  • School Site Council Agendas
    3.15.24 School Site Council 5.17.2024 School Site Council
  • Principal's Reports
    Principals Report_063023.pdf Principals_Report 052623.pdf Principals Report_022423.pdf Principals Report_111823.doc Principals Report_082622.doc
  • Grant Information
    Circle Guidelines CDE HIP Grant, Fusion Charter 2023.ppt Circle Process CDE HIP Grant, Fusion Charter 2023.ppt HIP Grant MIPToolbox Presentation.ppt Fusion Community Grant 2022.ppt
  • Board Agendas and Reports
    Fourth Quarter FY 22-23 BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING Q1 FY 23/24 - BOD Meeting Q2 FY 23-24 Fusion BOD Meeting
  • Accountability
    LCFF_BudgetOverviewforParents_FusionCharterSchool_06292023.pdf Local_ControlandAccountabilityPlan_FusionCharterSchool_06292023.pdf LCAP_LocalPerformance Indicator SelfReflection 2023 School Accountability Report 2022 School Accountability Report Fusion Title I Status Fusion Title I Budget 2023-2024
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